Artist profile

‘Wild Art’ has been established with the vision of creating attractive original and bespoke artwork depicting the beauty of nature and the environment that we exist in.

 ‘Wild Art’ has been established with the vision of creating attractive original and bespoke artwork depicting the beauty of the natural world. Almost all the art I have created has come from random inspirational moments. I very rarely plan my processes and what I produce most of the time usually starts with some imagined concept of the finished piece.The journey to arrive there could take any direction and frequently changes. Sometimes I feel a colour, an image, a moment or a thought and have a pure desire to convey it. Some inspiration can transgress from other artist’s work but mostly I acquire it randomly through my own experiences.

With my own individual style I create artworks that can be suitable for your home or business environments. My artworks mostly focus on nature and human personal interactions. Some of my works feature life drawn models amongst natural environments. Others are pure colour experiences that evoke powerful interactions of the senses.

Current research themes for my artwork include ‘the extinction crisis and rewilding’. I am also exploring new ways to link the natural world with human behaviours whilst illustrating levels of inequality and diversity that exist within the local environment. 

I work in mixed media including traditional oils and acrylics and some have included natural materials (botanical matter) and cold wax and more recently metals. My processes are constantly evolving through experimentation and some artworks have been created and developed from accidental mark making. I worked in business and education before returning to my passion as a professional artist. I currently exhibit nationally and locally and actively participate and belong to many professional artist networks. 

An advocate of education and life long learning I have achieved to Masters level. This has included ‘Art, Conservation Management, Zoology with evolutionary psychology’ and a PGCE in Education which enabled me to progress professionally teaching mostly Science and Art. 

I have been fortunate enough to experience much travelling throughout my life and have created some inspired works whilst travelling. I now reside and work back in Liverpool now am immensely proud of my hometown’s cultural heritage and enjoy the vibrant lifestyle it offers visitors and residents alike.

Suzanne Grace

I hope you enjoy all your interactions with wild Art and experience …… a brush with nature.