I am looking forward to exhibiting my works in the magnificent Calderstones Mansion supported by Dot Art and the Reader Gallery alongside the acclaimed artist Steve Bayley. This exhibition has come about from a chance conversation discussing a mutual appreciation of the Natural World and conservation issues. I am excited to present a varied collection of works with the Nature theme.  Steve works from the Hub studios (www.stevebayley.co.uk) and gallery whilst I work in Wild Art Studio (www.wildart.studio) local to Calderstones. This exhibition is a mixture of contemporary and expressionistic styles and ventures into more traditional practices like portraiture and landscape art.

The artworks are a mixture of abstract and subjective works and our hope is they will inspire the viewer to feel closer to the natural world. There are no boundaries or restrictions of style to this exhibition which adds a completely organic feel. Some of the works featured are directly linked to Calderstones whilst others reach to far corners of the globe. All the works are unique originals and available for sale.

We look forward to seeing you, please stop and say hello and enjoy the art.